Planets by Earth is a short VR experience built with A-Frame showing what the night sky would look like if we replaced the Moon with planets in the Solar System.

The experience is built to be viewed in VR but can also be viewed without a VR-headset.

To watch the experience in VR you need a WebVR/WebXR compatible browser such as the newest versions of Firefox, Chrome or Oculus Browser. If VR is not working it might be because doesn't have the correct permissions set up. In that case you can also watch the experience on my website:


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The VR experience was beautiful. Enough to make a grown man tear up a bit

Filled me with wonder

This was amazing - thanks for putting together. Would've liked to have seen the sun too (if it would even fit, lol), and where was Mercury?


The sun would be a bit too big. If I placed it where the moon is, you would be inside of it! At one point I did consider creating a similar experience but instead switching out the sun for other larger stars.

I also decided to cut Mercury out because it is barely larger than the moon and looks almost the same.

Makes total sense. I wasn’t sure of the sun’s diameter off the top of my head, and about Mercury. LOL

Again, very cool concept and nice execution. As the planets got bigger it got so much more “cinematic”.  :-)

i love this

Very cool and peaceful in VR. I wish we were closer to our neighbors! Thanks for this lovely demonstrations.