DustSim is a particle simulator leveraging the power of your GPU to allow you to simulate millions of independent particles in realtime. You can manually place attracting masses and spawn particles, or you can simply run any of the preconfigured scenarios.

By default the simulation has only 262 144 particles, but you can increase the number of particles in the settings depending on how powerful your device is.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(103 total ratings)
Made withThree.js, GIMP
Tags2D, Abstract, Creative, Gravity, Mouse only, particles, Physics, Relaxing, Sandbox
Average sessionA few minutes

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.S. .P. . A.  .C. .E.

absolutely fascinating! thank you for making


16M particles is pretty cool until  you discover the high limit option and crank it to 200M, best powerpoint presentation I ever watched

this is the best game ever
this is a new form of meditation

I love making scenarios and using the pre-made ones 

asmr at its finest

(1 edit)

can I save scenarios that I made? edit: I found how to save it

LOVE IT! Runs really smoothly (over a million particles on a GTX1060)

10/10 better than asmr

Yes fr


i made a pulsar        

No game can even come close to being this good

true you forgot openSPH and Spacesim (both are found in https://pavelsevecek.github.io/)

mesmerizing. This is gorgeous

now this is a game. 

turn the planets black and pick exploding 6 or 8

i create black hole =)


woah how do you get this to run so smoothly?

you can turn up the settings and make it not so smooth lol...


cool my macbook exploded!

omg lol



this man, KingFalga is the most biggest lier EVE


DO NOT PLAY!!! Started playing this game because I was tired of doing my homework, I started it expecting just some random ass particles to drift and spin and shit, BUT NOOOO! This game made me explode so much, that it ruined the laptop I was playing the game on (it sunk in through the keyboard holes) and everything around it. I soiled my brand new Gym Shark Crest sweats and 100% cotton champion boxer briefs. I even have stains on my sweatshirt! Now I'm sweating my ass off to clean all the jizz off my mom's brand new couch before she comes home, so she doesn't think I pull no bitches and need to jack off. Thanks, but no thanks @Kodub.


i agree

you what

just dont use a bad pc


Dude, I play this game when I am toasted and it is the most amazing thing I've ever played. Thank you so much for this awesome game.

Well, you shouldnt use SST from now on, cool game btw


This game made me cream

At school, fun to play when bored, 

love the examples that are available, some very satisfying :]

ABSELUTELY AMAZING this is outstanding I love this



The best sim ever man, this game deserves to be on itch.io's front page :D


Mine too. I just love throwing the poles into the dust and destablizing whats suppose to happen

My favorite thing to do

I agree with you Bro-Z. I just like constantly Throwing poles into the Stable Stuff and messing it up

i love destroying perfectly normal things in this game

so sasifying

cool!Nice simulator!

if you use tidal waves 2 and put particle influence at max, you will get a cool version of it

tidal wave 2: the sequel: orb.

pls make downloadable game

(1 edit)

This game is so cool for meditation.

This would be even more incredible if it supported a VR headset mode!

there is a game fore that called cosmic sugar

This is such a cool sim, but I keep running into an issue and I'm not sure if it's intentional. After a little while using it, the particle brush just stops working. The particle count goes up and I can clear them but nothing renders. When I open a preset the particles of that render but brush-painted ones don't.

same I keep having to reload my page to fix it

yeah its annoying

Thanks, this bug should be fixed in the new version(1.03).

very good game 

i cant use anythin


very good game!
(Can I download it?)

so calming :D

i loved it lol

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